Bathroom Renovation Cost

Bathroom Remodel Cost – What You Need to Know

Are you ready to renovate and give your bathroom a much needed make-over; to transform it into a room that has the unique styling and function you’ve always wanted? Now is the time to put your plan in place including considerations for your bathroom renovation cost to assist you with budgeting.

Through our expert tiling services, Melbourne Superior Tiling has been contributing to purposeful and stunning bathrooms specified to renovation budgets.

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Budgeting for your Bathroom Renovation

An average bathroom renovation is said to be approximately $17,500 as an average. However, your bathroom renovation cost will vary based on requirements for extending or altering the bathroom layout, interior design, installation, your selection of inclusions and materials, and plumbing.

The size of your bathroom will also impact bathroom remodelling costs for materials you use for functionality and decoration / interior design. We are happy to consult with you on how renovations are priced by tradespeople.

There may be variables that are unseen or not visible prior to undertaking any work, such as old pipework, water leaks, rotted framing or floorboards, mould and cracked or damaged materials or drywall. The onsite inspection will help uncover any unforeseeable problems.

Before commencing a bathroom renovation it’s important to find out if any permits will be required. Melbourne Superior Tiling has extensive knowledge on renovations and can provide up-front advice on bathroom renovation requirements.

Planning Your Bathroom Renovation

You will need to involve a range of trades and obtain estimates and speak with them about the co-ordination of work. Having a schedule of who you expect and at what stage will help your bathroom make-over run to plan. For example, have a timeline that identifies the order of each of the trades such as waterproofer, tiler, plumber, etc.

Timelines and your budget will need to be managed with considerations as to whether you manage the bathroom renovation project yourself or hire a contractor.

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Get Started

Gathering ideas is critical to get started toward a bathroom design you would love. It also helps you with budgeting for your bathroom renovation costs.

These 5 ways will help you gather ideas so you have a starting point. From there, you can look for alternatives to fit your budget.

  1. Pinterest boards, Instagram and other social media platforms,
  2. Home Magazines,
  3. Other people’s bathrooms,
  4. Speak with Melbourne Superior Tiling to see examples of our work,
  5. Conduct a bathroom image search online.

Bathroom Tiles Renovation

Tiles are made for specific purposes and can be used on floors and walls. Considerations for selecting the right tiles are based on aesthetic appeal, cleaning/maintenance, texture for function and material type.

A bathroom will ultimately have wet areas where water is likely to be present on the floor in a shower, upon exiting a bath, spa or shower or after washing hands. Tiles should be selected to reduce or prevent the possibility of slipping over and injury.

Choosing whether you want to use tiles for your walls and/or your floor is a major consideration and we welcome you contact us for the right advice.

Melbourne Superior Tiling has been providing expert advice and installation of bathroom tiles for almost a decade. We advise on tile sizes, tile material, style and application. As we offer specialist tiling services, you benefit from our experience and knowledge of tile selection and installation for a result you absolutely love.

Call us today about your bathroom renovation and let us help you transform your bathroom into a space you’ve always wanted.

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