Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Common Problems with Starting Bathroom Renovations.

So you’ve finally made the decision that you need bathroom renovations done. That’s going to be a very considered decision based on any one of the following scenarios. Bathroom Renovations Melbourne need it because may be that your bathroom is getting old and you’re finding the tiles are looking worn or the mould is hard to shift and the grouting is showing cracks and wear. Or you’ve simply had enough of the layout which is not functional; with a toilet almost on the top of the bath that has a shower, or you have to squeeze past a door to even use the toilet! Perhaps you’ve decided to extend and need your renovation to include a new bathroom. Yes, we know all about these common issues and we’re here to help you fix them.

Sometimes, just making the decision to renovate is the easiest part. The hard part is that there are other major things to consider, such as measuring the bathroom space to design the ultimate layout for your needs, knowing what colour choices to make because you can’t bear the look of burnt orange any longer.

On top of that, how do you know which tiles to choose, what materials such as glue and grout to use that are appropriate for the tile selection. Then there’s knowing what colour schemes will work with the rest of your home.

There may be hidden pitfalls that professional bathroom renovation companies know about that you simply don’t, due to your limited knowledge and experience.

Then what happens? Overwhelm, procrastination and you’re stuck with the same old bathroom. So many factors to consider and little or no experience to implement.

Bathroom Ceramic tiled
Bathroom display house tiled

Choose a Professional for Your Bathroom

Further to accounting for the many things that need consideration as mentioned already, you also need to take time out of your already busy life to try and make the bathroom  renovation in Melbourne happen. Then, there’s a chance you’ll be living in a bathroom that is half finished because you either haven’t had time to finish it or you are stuck, not knowing the next step. 

Ask yourself; is it worth the time and headache to do it yourself? What if you stuff it up half way through? All that time and money…..down the drain (if you have that still in place!).

When Your Bathroom Renovations Are Complete

You simply cannot beat the feeling of coming home to something new, fresh and well designed. Imagine, getting up in the morning and walking into a stunning bathroom with new shiny fittings, a tile design that is a visual dream on the eye and a mould free shower. Your shower head is designed so ample water pours and you don’t have to run around in the shower to get wet.

 Imagine, a bathroom designed as you wish or a towel warmer for those chilly winter mornings. All these things are possible, and more, once you speak with us.

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Bathroom tiled 600 x 600 Porcelian tile Lapparto grey look

Why Melbourne Superior Tiling Is Your Best Choice for Bathroom Renovations

Melbourne Superior Tiling are your expert bathroom renovators in Melbourne. People choose us because we have created hundreds of stunning and functional bathrooms for a range of homes across Melbourne.

 Having that experience sets us apart from other Bathroom Renovation companies in Melbourne who may look good on the web but simply do not have the hands on experience that we do. We fix jobs from other companies that have gone bad; that’s how good our reputation is.

Large and Small Bathroom Renovations

With over 10 years consulting with people just like you, to design bathrooms that work, we know what is required to take your bathroom renovations in Melbourne, whether large or small, all the way to completion. We are also able to assist you to select the right design, layout or bathroom floor plan, if needed. We know the materials required to work in wet areas so minimise wear and tear into the future so you’re getting the right advice.

Once we know what you want we actually make recommendations. You may have some ideas and we can make sure those ideas are carried through to a design that is right for the bathroom space and still incorporates your wish list that’s within your budget.

Bathroom tiled 600 x 600 Black Matt Porcelian
Bathroom tiled 600 x 600 Black Matt & Mosica feature wall

So, what’s the Next Step to Get Started on a Renovation?

Just before you pick up that phone and call us, we want you to do a fast and fun exercise. This is exciting as it’s the start of making your bathroom into a room you love and that you’re proud of, especially if you have guests over. So, open up a note pad and write 5 things that are important for you to have in your ideal bathroom. This may be colour choices, tile sizes, fixtures, patterns and glass frosting for gentle sunlight but maximum privacy. It’s whatever you want it to be. If you like it, write it. Once you have completed this step, give us a call on 0423 935823 and make a time so we can consult with you on your ideas.

If you have some magazines, go through and find pictures of bathrooms you love and bring them with you. We offer a free initial consultation and that’s the perfect opportunity to share your dream bathroom renovations Melbourne ideas with us.

We have a select range of tiles and with our professional approach and knowledge of renovations, we know you’ll be glad you called us. We look forward to hearing your ideas and making your bathroom renovations happen.