Best Bathroom Renovation

Best Bathroom Renovation

The best bathroom renovation design is subjective. What one person loves may not appeal to another and even if you do like a particular bathroom renovation, it may not match the primary styling of your home or property. Further, you’ll need a bathroom renovation price to match your budget along with sound advice as to the layout.

Room size, colours, bathroom tile selection, floor, wall and ceiling materials, and decorative components will be a matter of personal choice.

So how do you decide on the best bathroom renovation that’s right for you? Speak with the experts at Melbourne Superior Tiling as your starting point and we’ll help guide you with your renovation.

One of the benefits of working with us is that we can put you in touch with the right tradespeople that we have worked with over our many years in business. This will reduce your risk of hiring the wrong people for your project.

Bathroom display house tiled
Bathroom tiled 600 x 600 Porcelian tile Lapparto grey look

Primary Elements of Great Bathroom Renovations

Identifying underlying elements of bathrooms as your basis will help with your initial decisions. Use the following list to make your own notes.

Melbourne Superior Tiling can also provide expert advice and guidance as to your bathroom tile selection and styling. With close to a decade of experience, we can show you a range of options and examples of our exceptional work.

To start formulating your ideas to create a bathroom you absolutely love, consider the following fundamentals when looking at designs that appeal. Feel free to speak with us for further guidance on your ideal bathroom renovation.

  • The layout,
  • The size of your space,
  • The size of your tiles,
  • The texture of your tiles,
  • The shape of your tiles,
  • Floor, wall, benchtop and ceiling materials,
  • Vanity style (for one person or a dual) and placement,
  • Bath type and placement,
  • Toilet type and placement,
  • Shower style, recess type (for one person or dual) and placement,
  • Light sources (ie Skylight) and lighting,
  • Heat sources,
  • Additional amenities such as a spa or sauna or catering for special needs.

The layout of your bathroom is critical for access, functionality and appeal. Upon entry, you’ll not want to be looking straight at the toilet but feel invited to melt into the colours and overall appearance. This is especially important for those of you who want to soak in a bath, take a relaxing shower, spa or sauna to unwind.
Master ENS tiled Ceramic
Bathroom Ceramic tiled

Design and Colour Elements

Design, patterns and colour are part of what makes a bathroom renovation a stand-out. At this phase it’s important to consider the overall style of your property so that your bathroom doesn’t seem out of place.

Bathroom tiles are a great way to add decoration as well as function; especially for wet areas. Combining the right tile size(s), shapes with colour(s) and pattern if selected, can truly transform your bathroom and make it unique.

Speak with Melbourne Superior Tiling about how we can help you add that wow factor to your custom designed bathroom.

Best Bathroom Renovation – Getting the Right Assistance

We like to think we contribute to some of the best bathroom renovations you’ll see, through our unsurpassed tile advice and installation experience. We know bathrooms and we know tiles. We work co-operatively with your other required trades to complete your bathroom renovation.

If you are looking to re-tile your bathroom as a part-renovation rather than a full bathroom renovation then give us a call to get a bathroom renovation price. Let’s get your ultimate bathroom renovation underway today.

Bathroom tiled 600 x 600 Black Matt Porcelian