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Anti Stain Sealing

Anti-stain tile sealing provides a layer of protection to a finished tile project. It helps prevent stains which generally occur from a variety of spillages such as coffee, wine as well as dirt and mud in entryways.



Caulking places the final touches on a tiling project. Caulking involves the application of silicone to internal corners predominantly in wet areas in order to prevent water from reaching corners. Common uses for caulking include bathroom basins, showers and baths, as well as kitchen splashbacks and laundries.

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Grouting is as essential to tiling as cement is to brickwork. Grout in fact consists of usually sand or cement type materials and its primary function is to ensure the tiles remain laid properly for years to come. The secondary function of grout is to enhance the design of the tiled areas as grout is manufactured in many different colours and types. It is important to keep in mind that when selecting which grout to use, the cheapest is generally not the best option. Cheaper grouts tend to crack or soften over time (sometimes within only a few weeks or months of application) and a lot of tilers tend to use cheaper grout to bring down the cost of a project, but this can result in unsatisfactory work as the tiles then need to be fixed again in the near future. At Melbourne Superior Tiling, we always select the right grout for the job and ensure that this process is carried out to an immaculate level, leaving a lasting finish on the quality of our work.


Tile Repairs

Have tiles which are starting to crack or chip? This is very common in older properties where the foundations have settled over time causing the floors or walls to be slightly out of level. With continued regular use of the tiled areas, this inevitably causes tiles or grout to crack and leave unsightly areas, usually in the most visible spots. This not only creates a negative impression when visitors enter the room, but it is a sign that the area will require eventual replacement of tiles, especially if the glue underneath has begun wearing out due to age.

Water Proofing

At Melbourne Superior Tiling, we believe that professional waterproofing is the most important aspect of the tiling process for any interior wet area such as bathrooms and laundries as well as exterior balconies. Waterproof sealant technology has been specifically engineered to stop excessive water pressure build up and prevent leaks from forming. Waterproofing also stops the increase in moisture levels through underlying materials such as concrete, bricks, stone and plaster.

It is important to use the correct waterproof sealant for the right job and our expert tilers specialise in applying waterproof sealant correctly to ensure long standing results.