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Superior Floor and Wall Tiling Services for the Brighton Area

The professional application of floor and wall tiling is a time intensive process that involves a number of steps. Preparation, tiling, grouting, waterproofing and tile selection all require expertise and the right advice. If carried out incorrectly it can mean floor damage, water damage, tiles that don’t stick, broken or crooked tiles, uneven tiling and grouting, and tiles that are not correctly selected for the application.

Handing your tiling over to someone in Brighton with little or no skill will spell big disaster and money down the drain. With close to a decade of experience Melbourne Superior Tiling guarantee we are superior tilers for the Brighton and bayside area.

Front Facade tiled 450 x 450 Ceramic tiles Matt finish
Hall way tiling Main floor

Types of Tiling

When selecting tiles, you have the wonderful choice of tile size, material, texture, colour, shape and pattern. This may seem confusing and that’s where our clients look to us for professional guidance based on whether you want bathroom tiling, kitchen tiling, balcony tiling, floor tiling, general tiling or wall tiling in your home or business in Brighton.

Tile Material and Texture

Choosing the right type of tile is especially important for wet areas such as bathroom, laundry, outdoors, external entrances and kitchen sink areas. You’ll need expert advice when selecting tiles for these areas.
Back alfresco tiling
Front Porch tiling

Tile Size, Shape, Colour and Pattern

Along with accounting for the style of your home, you may also be looking to replicate an era based on the architecture in Brighton, Victoria. If you are keeping with the style or heritage of your home, find out the era and types of tile sizes, shapes, colour and patterns that were used and let our Brighton tiler know.

With many different tile sizes and shapes, it can be tempting to choose a few styles however this can lead to your tiled areas looking disorderly. Our tiling company can provide you with examples to guide you with tile selection and application.

The use of colour and pattern can provide the decorative appeal that really gives that wow factor. Combined with the right tile size and shape and you’ll have a finish that will be functional and pleasing to the eye.

Brighton Victoria

As an affluent suburb of Melbourne and known for the Brighton bathing boxes established around 1862, there’s a lot of history, heritage and modernisation of Brighton properties and homes. Brighton lends itself to the opportunity of renovation and tiling.

If you have a bathroom that requires renovation or tiling or you are looking to improve the value of your property then we welcome you to call us.

Bathroom tiled 600 x 600 Porcelian tile Lapparto grey look
Front Facade stone look tiled

Professional Tilers Brighton

We think that having a floor and wall tiler such as Melbourne Superior Tiling, with years of experience makes all the difference between a process that is either stressful and risky or exciting and completed within your budget and time frame.

After all, tiling an area that is customised just for you requires a level of consulting and expertise that you won’t get with an inexperienced tiling company or contractor.

Melbourne Superior Tiling is Brighton’s trusted, reliable and highly experienced tilers and we look forward to speaking with you about your tiling project.