Kitchen Tiling

Kitchen Superior Tiling

At Melbourne Superior Tiling, we believe that the kitchen area is the main showpiece of the modern day home. Whether you are in the market to build a new house or considering renovating your existing home, an ideal place to start is with the kitchen. Given that the majority of visitors to your home will see your kitchen, you might as well give them something impressive to talk about for days after they leave!


Why choose MST for your kitchen tiling?

Our Master Tilers are trained to get the job done right the first time. A growing problem in many new homes involves kitchen tiles, splashbacks and grout cracking or discolouring over time due to daily usage – in many cases due to water damage near the kitchen sink. We strive for the best possible result with your kitchen, a result which both you and our team will be proud of for years to come.

Call us today on 0423 935 823 or email us an enquiry and our project manager will call you back to discuss your requirements.

Get The Best Deal

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Kitchen Design Options & Features

When having your kitchen tiled, nowadays there are too many options for tile, mosaic and grout. Our interior design consulting service removes your stress by helping to define which tile design and grout options will best suit your kitchen floor, splashback wall feature and countertop borders. We also have wholesale accounts with Melbourne’s best tile importers, so we are usually able to offer you better pricing for the tiling materials required on your project. Another growing issue is most tiling contractors in Melbourne tend to cut corners by using cheaper glues and grouts, this can reduce the endurance of your tiles over time. Given that kitchen tiles are subject to regular spillages of water and food, as well as hot oil splashing around during cooking, this can lead to permanent discolouration, mould in corners or stains over time.

We use the right materials for the job, which helps ensure your kitchen will look its best for years to come.


Our Kitchen Specialties

Our specialties for kitchen tiling services include:

  • Custom designed and tiled kitchen wall splashbacks and tiled benchtop / countertop borders. You can choose between regular tiles or mosaics to enhance visual appeal. Click here to view our mosaic designs.
  • Waterproofing, anti-stain sealing and caulking to put the final touch on the perfect kitchen. These services help ensure that your kitchen tiles and grout remain looking great over time. Click here to read more.